What to Do in Istanbul

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Haz click aqui para leer la versión en español. The first thing that we need to know about Istanbul is that it´s not the capital of Turkey. That's Ankara. Nonetheless, Istanbul is considered the most important city in Turkey since its the biggest economic, historic and cultural center of this country. During the Byzantine Empire, Istanbul was

Cosas para hacer en Estambul

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Click here to read English version. Lo primero que debemos saber sobre Estambul es que no es la capital de Turquía. Esa es Ankara. No obstante, Estambul representa el centro político, económico e histórico de este país, y de allí deriva su importancia. Estambul era conocida como Constantinopla durante el Imperio Bizantino. Con el ascenso

7 Essential Things to Do in Sofia and Around

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Sofia is pretty, fun and cheap! It is the second oldest capital in Europe, after Athens, making this city also rich in history. When I got to Sofia, I was surprised on how kind the people were and the amount of activities to do in the city and nearby. One of the things that called my attention

From Plovdiv to Istanbul

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As I travelled through Bulgaria, I realized that there was not enough information about public transportation. This happened specially when I wanted to take the train from Plovdiv to Istanbul.   Nonetheless, I took the time to visit the train and bus stations personally to compare the prices and saw the timetables.   This is

What to see in Cinque Terre

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Para leer la versión en español haz click aquí. Cinque Terre is a region located in northern Italy. The name means “Five Lands” because there are five towns that make up that area: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Maranola y Riomaggiore. Perhaps you have seen some of the famous Italian postcards with colorful houses next to the Mediterranean

Qué ver en Cinque Terre

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To read the English version, click here. Cinque Terre es una región ubicada en el norte de Italia. Su nombre traducido al español es: “Cinco Tierras” debido a que está integrada por cinco pueblos llamados: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Maranola y Riomaggiore. Quizás has visto algunas postales de Italia con casas coloridas sobre la costa del