What to see in Cinque Terre

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Cinque Terre is a region located in northern Italy. The name means “Five Lands” because there are five towns that make up that area: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Maranola y Riomaggiore.

Perhaps you have seen some of the famous Italian postcards with colorful houses next to the Mediterranean coast. There is a high chance that those pictures have been taken in Cinque Terre.

This region is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful ones in northern Italy. Despite the amount of tourists, this place is worth a visit.

This post includes relevant information for you to plan your trip to Cinque Terre, including places to visit and some costs and expenses.


You can access Cinque Terre through different ways. The most common ones are via La Spezia, south of Riomaggiore and via Sestri Levante towards Monterosso. There are several buses and trains that go to La Spezia and Sestri Levante.

I recommend the following websites to check the different timetables and prices:




You can also visit Cinque Terre by car but there is a high chance that you will have to park on the outskirts of the five towns. Only a few cars are allowed to drive through Cinque Terre, so take this into account. Check the different routes on Google Maps to get there.

Another option is using Bla Bla Car. I recommend you to register in this website while you travel in Europe. This way, you can pay a person who is driving towards La Spezia or Sestri Levante to take you there.

Here is the link for Bla Bla Car: https://www.blablacar.es/


There is a train that connects La Spezia to Sestri Levante, passing through each of the five towns in Cinque Terre. The single ticket costs EUR 4.

Nonetheless, you can purchase a Cinque Terre Train Card in one of the information points. This allows you to travel for a certain time through all of Cinque Terre and results cheaper than paying for a single ticket every time you want to visit another town. The Cinque Terre Card grants you the access to the treks, buses and wifi spots. You can check the prices here.

It´s worth noting that the train rides between the towns are relatively short and I never saw anyone checking the tickets. However, I do recommend purchasing the Cinque Terre Train Card or the single tickets to avoid any type of fine.

Another option is walking from town to town. Many of the hikes and walks are beautiful. Walking from Monterosso to Riomaggiore should not take you longer than 6-7 hours including breaks. One of the most scenic walks is the one from Monterosso to Vernazza.

To read more about the hikes in Cinque Terre, click here.


There are many accommodation options around the towns in Cinque Terre. Usually the cheapest ones are in Romaggiore and Manarola. The average for a dorm in a hostel is EUR 25. Even though these prices are high, I expected them more expensive.

You can find different options in Booking.com and Hostelworld.com.

If you arrive early to Cinque Terre, you can walk asking for different prices around the towns. Most of the hostels and hotels in Riomaggiore are located in a pedestrian street called Via Colombo.

I shared a private room with my friend Irene in Riomaggiore. The place was called Dolce Vita, a small pension that had private rooms with toilets, coffee and a private mini bar inside each room. The price was EUR 50; therefore, we paid EUR 25 each.

Many travelers also take their camping gear and fix their tents somewhere around the towns. Take into account that the beaches in Cinque Terre are full of rocks so they are not the most comfortable places to camp.


I recommend exploring the five towns to enjoy the views and lanscapes in Cinque Terre. One or two nights should be the minimum. This way you will have enough time to go for at least one hike and also enjoy the towns and the Mediterranean Sea.


Make sure that you visit Riomaggiore and Manarola.

Manarola is full of life and the landscape is incredible. From the lookout you can appreciate how this town is erected from the rocks. The turquoise color of the water contrasts with the rocks and the colorful houses on the shore. There are many people jumping from high rocks to the sea and the vibe is one of the nicest ones.


Riomaggiore is smaller and more calm. Despite the tourist crowds, it does not feel as busy as the other towns. Even though the beach is full of rocks and not the most comfortable one, it is constantly visited by people who want to relax by the sea.


I hope that you find this information useful.

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