6 Places You Must Visit in Morocco

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Morocco is definitely a country worth visiting. The food is great, people are friendly and the landscapes are some of the most beautiful that you will see in the north of Africa. I prepared a short list of the places that you must visit when you go to Morocco. I hope it helps.


1. Chefchaouen

This is one of the coziest towns in Morocco. Full of blue houses inside the Medina and easy to walk around, Chefchaouen makes a perfect day or two day trip when you are traveling around Morocco.

The “Blue Town” is located north of Morocco and its easy to access via Tangier or Fez. I recommend taking your time to visit the Medina and enjoy a good Moroccan tea in the main plaza where you will see how locals interact between each other.

You can also go on short hikes outside the Medina where you will find a few mountains worth seeing. The view from the top of the main hill is beautiful.


2. Fez El Bali

The vibes in Fez have something special and unique. As I walked around the largest Medina in Morocco, I felt as if it was not a place for tourists.

It is very easy to get lost while exploring this place, so be prepared for some adventure. The Medina is very chaotic since its crowded with people, donkeys and shops everywhere. Nonetheless, it is worth seeing it. This could be one of the main places in Morocco that remain unspoiled by tourism.

I would suggest visiting the Tanneries in Fez where you can see and smell the whole process of leather production in Morocco. A technique that has not changed much since the medieval times.

Sneak through one of the small shops or go to Derb Chaouwara for some of the best views of the Tanneries in Fez.


3. Tangier

Tangier is one of the most important cities in the history of Morocco. Its location on the far north was considered a crucial point for commerce with Europe and the Western World.

Additionally, Tangier became the house of many artists such as Paul Bowles, Henri Matisse and even the Rolling Stones. This used to be a very hedonistic town, inspiring many artists and their work.

Nowadays, Tangier is more of a big city. Nonetheless, I highly recommend walking around the Medina and later enjoy the view of the Straight of Gibraltar from one of the many lookouts on the walled city.

If you want to get one of the best views, visit Parc Perdicaris. This is also a great place for a picnic and a good Moroccan tea.


4. Essaouira

The surf and laid back town of Morocco. Legend says that Essaouira inspired some of the music of Jimi Hendrix. Nowadays, this place can be full of European tourists during summer holidays but it is still worth visiting.

The Medina of Essaouria is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage, making it the main tourist attraction in this town. Besides walking around the cozy streets of the old town, head to the beach where you will see lots of windsurfers enjoying the City of Winds.


5. Marrakesh

Marrakesh is the most popular destination in Morocco. The Red City is tourist friendly and can be a good place for you to base yourself before heading to the Desert.

The Medina is beautiful and not as chaotic as the one in Fez. However, there are plenty of shops with lamps, rugs, clothes and jewelry than can keep anyone entertained for a while.

Besides the above, the whole atmosphere feels like a movie. You will find the typical snake charmers on the main plaza, lots of souks or mini markets selling all type of things, Arabic music on the background and the Mosque chanting five times per day. This place is a “Must”.

I would recommend staying at one of the typical Moroccan Riads. Marrakesh offers a wide variety of riads that will make your stay very pleasant.


6. Merzouga (The Desert)

I believe that this place must be included on your itinerary for Morocco. Merzouga is a small town located in the Saharan Desert. Far from the urban cities in Morocco, this place is perfect for a camel ride and a good night under the stars while you are surrounded by sand dunes.

There are many companies that operate different tours to the desert. I went with a company called Viaje en Marruecos  which organized a four days tour that included visiting the High Atlas, the Dades, Ouarzazate and the Desert. I recommend this tour, although I did it in Spanish.


I hope that this post helps you plan your trip to Morocco. Lets stay in touch.

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