An Alternative way to travel in Australia and New Zealand

Alejo, Chloe and I travelled through the East Coast in Australia in a campervan for "free".

Alejo, Chloe and I travelled through the East Coast in Australia in a campervan for “free”.

Did you know that there are actual websites in Australia and New Zealand that allow you to drive a car/camper van from one place to another for free (or for a very low cost)? With Transfercar you can relocate a car from one city to another by just paying the petrol fees and your own expenses without having to pay an actual rental fee.

As much as I love and prefer hitchhiking, I found this website really useful during my time in Australia and New Zealand. I used this website when I was traveling through the East Coast of Australia with my cousin Alejo and his girlfriend Chloe. We departed from Brisbane and finished our journey in Cairns.


Since the car company didn’t charge us for any rental fees, we only had to pay for our own petrol and personal expenses. This way, we got a camper van where we cooked and slept, making things cheaper and more interesting. The company even provided a brochure with different places on the way where we could camp or stay overnight.

During our trip, we managed to visit one of the most beautiful places on Earth: Whitehaven Beach.

We also went diving and snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef. I have been diving for a while and I am aware that many times its a matter of luck, but the GBR did not impress me that much. I have had way better dives in the past. Nonetheless, it was an experience worth doing.

We finished our trip in Cairns, where we got to visit the Daintree Forest. After Alejo and Chloe left, I stayed a few extra days exploring Cairns.

Using the TransferCar service is very helpful when you travel on a budget. The only downside to it is that you have to “relocate” the car within a certain amount of time. Normally they allow you to transfer the car within 5-7 days, but it depends on the distance and the urgency that the company needs the vehicle.

In some cases, this website reimburses your petrol expenses or ferry costs, if you have to take one.

The websites are and

Hope you find it useful.

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